Accessories for Coleman Tents

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Published: 29th October 2012
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In addition to having a huge range of tent types to accommodate every camping excursion, Coleman additionally sell a number of tent accessories, including battery powered tent lighting and tent fans, tent repair tools, additional tent stakes plus rain flysheets for the Instant range of Coleman tents.

Coleman Tents - Must Have Accessories

If you don't actually have a stake mallet, then the Coleman Mallet plus Stake Removal tool would be a suggested investment. This stake mallet works well when hammering your pegs through hard, dry ground. This mallet also happens to be a peg removing device, as it's shaft also has convenient slot openings for stake removing.

The Coleman Tent Kit is a further recommended accessory, as it comes with everything you need in order to put up plus pack away any Coleman tent. This kit consists of a solid rubberized tent mallet to hammer stakes into hard terrain, a tent-stake removing tool to make tent peg extraction simple as well as a useful small brush with dust-pan combination in which to ensure your tent clean. This kit includes 4 tent pegs to stop Coleman tents from being blown away.

Repair Products for Coleman Tents

The Coleman Tent Repair Kit has whatever one requires so that you repair your Coleman tent. The kit has two adhesive nylon ripstop patches to fix tent flys as well as a couple mesh patch-up squares that can repair inner tents. 3 tent ferrules and shock cord can be utilized in order to repair broken poles, and also the tube of seam sealer may be used to re-waterproof tent seams that leak. Additionally there is a strong sewing needle and two reels of nylon thread.

The Pro-Techt Water Resistant Bottled Spray is able to restore the water resistant properties on all Coleman Tents that you purchase. This resilient silicone treatment could be used upon nylon/canvas Coleman tents.

Tent Lights for Coleman Tents

Coleman supply a variety of battery operated lighting for tents, well suited for Coleman Tents. The popular Tent Light by Coleman attaches securely to all tents using a powerful integral magnet, which will not destroy the tent fabric. This tent light has a powerful, changeable Krypton light bulb which offers tons of light plus it runs on 4 AA-type batteries.

The Coleman CPX 4.5 LED Tent Light has an excellent light (around sixty lumens bright), plus has got several lighting modes - high, low and nightlight. This light has a water-proof design, plus its multi-axis rotation will permit you to point lighting exactly wherever needed. It can mount magnetically onto Coleman tents as well as any metallic object, plus is operated by 3 AAA-type batteries otherwise by Colemanís CPX 4.5 Rechargeable Cartridge (which can be bought seperate). This light offers as much as 15 hrs of light plus does have a handy battery meter.

Coleman Tent Fans

A battery powered tent fan is really a convenient accessory to keep fresh through a sweltering summer's night. The Coleman fan attaches simply and securely to Coleman tents using a strong magnet, and has soft, flexible blades for safety. The fan offers over 16 hrs of continual use with a single D-cell battery.

The Coleman Cool Zephyr fan with Light attaches to Coleman tents using a strong magnet. Both fan and light are operated through separate controls, plus this fan has a variable two-speed airflow controls. This tent light uses 4 white LED bulbs which supply a decent reading light, plus a single orange LED light that is used when switched to night-light setting. This fan/light operates on 4 D-cell batteries, plus the fan should operate steadily up to twenty-four hours (on top speed) with the light switched off.

Coleman's tent range must be considered as many of the best tents generally available now because they happen to be easy to erect, have the finest fabrics plus provide the best possible waterproofing available today. Coleman Tents Online is actually a blog focused on supplying campers with the lowdown on the entire collection of Coleman Tents.

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